To most effectively seize the opportunities right for your business, Ides Interactives offers the following services:

SEO Program Development & Product Management

For clients without an existing SEO practice, we build a program from the ground up. Beginning with a full audit of the current situation, resources, and target market we develop a roadmap from which to put optimizations into practice. We built Ides Interactive particularly to be able to onboard, identify the largest gaps, and drive results.

SEO Services

Technical Audits & Program Overviews – We’re experienced at providing guidance to the most complex optimization difficulties from crawl issues, interlinking problems, and other large-scale issues.

Feature Scoping & Implementation – When our clients have an existing program, we can jump in and guide implementation of complex features from pre-rendering, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), correcting crawl traps, and site migrations.

Content Strategy & Management – Content is a cornerstone of SEO, without it you don’t have relevance, you’ll always lack in keyword breadth, and displaying the expertise you already have in your industry. We develop our targets, develop process, and monitor efficacy.

Site Performance Product Management

Page speed directly impacts all areas of a website’s performance. Conversion rate, bounce rate, site ranking, and ad spend are all dramatically impacted by page load times. As consumers shift to mobile devices, often with low bandwidth connections, the impact is even greater. We track performance for all of our clients as a secondary KPI but for robust tracking, we can train your team on the ins and outs and manage enterprise performance programs alongside your development leads. Don’t overlook the benefits of good site performance, you’re leaving dollars on the tables for every tenth of a second you are behind the competition.

SEO Modeling & Sizing

For VCs, startups, or growing companies we have the data and experience to develop financial and traffic models to guide your decision-making process. SEO is playing the long game, knowing you’re tracking in the right direction, seeing how your initiatives break down, and guiding ROIs is critical for businesses and investors.